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Secrets To Exposure On Social Media

Have you ever considered building your business online, or extending your current business to the internet…irrespective of how you build, the same axiom holds true – people buy from people they know, like, and trust. The key to this is exposure. I had some great...

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Best Foods To Buy Organic

Many years ago growing up in a farm community, the sound of aerial crop dusting was not unusual, but in the 60’s and 70’s I hate to think about what chemicals were being dropped, or how much pesticide residue is still in my body. Years later, with...

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Are Vitamin Supplements Necessary

Almost daily we are bombarded with conflicting studies begging the question, are vitamin supplements necessary, some suggesting they give us, at best, expensive urine, and when you actually take a look on your average supermarket shelves you’d be inclined to...

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Time Waits For No One

Consider making every moment count because “life is short and death is long.” Do you remember back as a kid growing up how time seemed unlimited? We were impatient to grow up, become adults, and enter the real world. We imagined all the freedom we would have,...

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